Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Phase 2

Let's see if we can make this project work.

FYI - the themes to vote on are:

  • Science-Fiction
  • Superhero
  • High Fantasy
  • Kemonomimi 
  • Candy
You'll never know how I'll interpret any of them until it's all said and done! ^_^

Not sure what I'm talking about?

WELL, I posted the information on Tumblr, but I'll have it here as well -

Okay, so let's see if I can make this work. Consider this Phase 2 of the experiment (like testing to see if a board game works).

So here's what I plan to do -
  • Make a Flash Fiction collection of Erotic Stories based on prompts from various people.
  • Take the prompts given to me and unite them under a single cohesive theme.
Here's what I need from those willing to help -
  • Your erotic prompts. Let your kinks be your guide.
  • Your Theme vote
  • I am open to them being het, gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc.
  • Let's keep the characters OC, so no Rule 34.
Use this format for your prompts:

A. The Characters: (Wizard, Orc, Shopkeeper, Student, Barista)

B.The Kink: (What kink(s) makes an appearance)

C. Sex Genre: (Is it het, yuri, yaoi, bara, futa, bi, etc?)

D. Where:
(Where the action takes place)

E. Scenario: (The situation you had in mind. The idea does not need to be fleshed out, just a sentence or two will be fine)

F. Theme Vote: (list the theme you'd like to see me use. You can list one or two)

So as an example -

A: Math Teacher, Delinquent

B: Spanking

C: Gay

D: Hockey Rink

E: Delinquent skips tutoring to watch a hockey game. Math Teacher teaches him a lesson.

F: Superhero


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    Use the dropdown to select the last option. Then once you've typed your message you can click "Publish"

  2. Gee I wonder who this isJuly 8, 2014 at 6:23 PM

    A. Witch/es, unsuspecting victim

    B.Hypnosis, femdom, mind control

    C. Het

    D. Creepy cabin in the woods

    E. Someone gets lost in the woods and comes across a creepy cabin which contains a witch (or coven of witches). Shenanigans ensue.

    F. Supernatural

  3. A. The Characters: College Jock, tutor

B.The Kink: Cum-inflation, size-difference
    C. Sex Genre: Gay
    D. Where: Frat-house common area
    E. Scenario: A meaty jock - potentially under the influence of some questionable supplements - fucks his tutor. His orgasmic output tests his petite professor's cum-containing capacity.
    F. Theme Vote: Science-fiction/super-hero

  4. A. Superman, Lobo
    B. Spanking
    C. Gay
    D. Daily Planet
    E. Lobo threatens to blow-up the Daily Planet , Superman shows up saves the day and decides to give Lobo a humiliating spanking only he gets up-ended instead. the spanking is front page news.
    F. Superhero