Monday, January 21, 2013

An Artist has passed away...

Calvin "Cman" Washington was struck by a drunken motorist while riding home from the local library in November and he left this world in early December.

You can find proof of that here among a few other places that list the accident.

Cman, Calvin, was a quite prolific and talented African American artist. He did buoyant, lively, and masculine erotic work. In many ways he was fearless. He ran a few blogs dedicated to his work and was the official artist for the Woofytales books.

You can find his DA account here:

One of his blogs is here:

I just found this out this morning and sadly I never would have known. Calvin is someone I befriended online. He was warm and affable and so free with himself and his creative vision that I was always inspired by him. He is the second person I've known to have been murdered by a drunk driver (the first was my beloved cousin). I don't know how to feel about this. I never would have known he'd died because of how the internet keeps us all apart. In fact, I'd been thinking about him the other day and wondering why he hadn't posted anything lately. My heart breaks over his loss. We needed people like him in the wold, and now he's gone.

Rest easy, Mr. Washington. You will be missed dearly.


  1. A death is always sad, but is even worse when occurs to someone who belongs to our crew: the drawing art.

    Rest in peace, our pencils and our spirits will honor him forever...

  2. This is absolutely devastating. He was always so nice-- never had a mean thing to say about anyone or anything. And I really enjoyed his work. Thanks for reporting this, Jubell. You're right it IS really sad that he was loved by so many online and yet it would have been next to impossible to find out what happened if not for what seemed like happenstance on your part. :(

    I'm going to do a little dedication post in his honor.

  3. I am shocked. I just learned about cman's death here. Yes, he was always so very nice. He even drew me for one of his hot art pieces. I am so saddened by this news. I always ended our messages with Mega Hairy Muscle Hugs. I wish him
    Mega Hairy Muscle hugs of love and thanks for bringing smiles to so many of us who knew him.