Sunday, December 23, 2012

More game sketches

More game sketches.

This time showing two more allies and one…enemy, I guess.

Lady Dilber is NOT the villain or an enemy and you won’t be fighting her so…yeah. She’s just a different kind of woman. She’s more like Ebenezer in terms of world view - just as Bella is more like Fred in HER world view. Fan, of course, is Ebenezer’s sister and one of the few people who genuinely cares about. Don’t worry - she will NOT be playing the Damsel in Distress (even though she is lost in the castle with the rest of your allies.)

Havisham was Ebenezer’s governess and first lover. Without explanation, and a long absense, Ebenezer finds her in the castle aged FAR beyond what she should be. What happened to her? True, she betrayed him and joined the rebels but…this?

I’m sketching out the most important characters FIRST so I can feel my way through things. I’m taking a different tact this time than what I’ve done before. Big broad steps and then I run in and do detailing detailing detailing on that SECTION. That CHUNK. So that I don’t get overwhelmed or lose focus like I have many times before.

The mapping is done. The music has been chosen. There’s a general outline to what occurs.
I’m further along NOW than I have EVER been in a game project. I’ve been playing close attention to my intuition (and trusted friends) for guidance here. It’s exciting!

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  1. Like your sketches, you really did a nice work with them. Keep the good job and good luck...