Sunday, December 23, 2012

These are sketches for the game I’ve been working on and THIS TIME it looks like I’m actually GETTING SOMEWHERE OMG ARGH-YES PIRATE!!!

Of course I’d love all your opinions. I wish I had a way to skank the guys up a bit more. 1940’s women were always trying to cover up their boobs with shawls and bonnets and shit - I don’t want the main folks wearing those. I keep getting a 70’s vibe and I think that shows most for Bella - who will have thigh highs -  but sadly it means she’s all sexualized while the guys are in these damn suits and snark. I think I might whore up Cratchit (he’s all industrial and snark).

Where as Fred is TOTALLY Hawkeye Initiative - he’d be SO willing to do it! I KNOW HIS CHARACTER! The dude is like - dude. Anyway he’s got this like 1700s thing going on with his outfit. He’s the Healer/Support of the crew. And he’s FUN! Scrooge won’t even let me skank him up a little bit…maybe I can give Fred a sleeveless thing going on? Bare arms? Show the ladies the guns show? (there’s no real gun show on Fred. HE thinks there is though. Oh Fred)

So I’m trying to NOT go late Victorian with this which you see with most Steampunk influenced stuff. This isn’t exactly steampunk - at all. I think. Can there be a steamdisco? steamMotown? Yes? I say yes.

So let me know your thoughts.

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